• Voice and presentation skills

    • Are you confident speaking at meetings?
    • Is your message clear and your speech effective?
    • Do you know how to engage, persuade and inspire people?

    Voice matters: The way you speak and sound directly affects the response of your audience. Your voice is a powerful tool you can use to influence and lead conversations towards a successful outcome. Developing your vocal and conversational skills will help you build a strong relationship with your audience, gain their trust and establish credibility.

    Good communication skills will help you inspire, influence and achieve results whether it’s for leadership purposes, company communication skills or client interaction.

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    Mariska Wessel

“When you own your voice, you own the most influential tool to tune into your client and have a successful dialogue.” - ICT consultant

“The right voice, tone and posture are key in communicating your message. Mariska showed us in a creative way how a slight change to voice and posture could make an enormous difference.” - Lean Sigma, Black Belt trainer

“It was an eye-opener. Not only did working on breathing techniques and body awareness improve my communication skills, but it also enhanced my overall performance. I’m now much more aware of my own presence and have developed a confident and creative communication style.” – Financial director Ned Train

“Mariska invites to present your content as if you're telling a story; she listens, looks and helps you craft your presentation. Her creative approach teaches you how to speak with creativity and expression.” - Business entrepreneur Food Valley



Zonder spreekangst het woord nemen of werken aan een persoonlijke expressieve spreekstijl? Stemtraining leert je hoe je stem vrij kan klinken door de optimale afstemming van adem, stem en je lichaam als klankkast. Dit geeft vertrouwen, een ontspannen klank en toegang tot de kleurrijke kracht van je stem. Lees meer »


Wil je je publiek niet alleen informeren maar ook overtuigen en inspireren? Dat vraagt naast een goed inhoudelijk verhaal om een boeiende en overtuigende presentatie. Presentatiecoaching biedt een krachtig klankbord om je presentatie op zowel inhoud als voordracht te slijpen tot een inspirerend moment voor jou en je publiek. Lees meer »


Je communicatiekracht versterken en je persoonlijke stijl ontwikkelen? Communicatietraining geeft je inzicht in communicatieprocessen, wat jij uitstraalt en hoe jij daarin bewust het effect kan sturen. Je leert helder communiceren met een boodschap die begrepen én goed ontvangen wordt.  Lees meer »

About voicecoach Mariska Wessel

Mariska is a voice communication consultant, trainer and a professional singer. She has a Masters degree in Cultural Management (University of Amsterdam) and studied Classical Voice at the Academy of Music ArtEZ (Arnhem). She instructs companies and professionals at all business levels on how to improve their communication skills. She uses her experience as a professional singer to enhance your personal impact, covering vocal skills, body language and appearance. Mariska is goal-focused, analytical and passionate about achieving results. Allow her creativity and enthusiasm to coax you out of your comfort zone to achieve your true potential as a communicator.

Contact me or call me: 06-24569238