These sessions are designed to provide you with the practical skills you need to deliver presentations with a lasting impact. You will learn how to build a rapport with your audience by controlling your vocal cues as well as non verbal communication skills such as body language, posture, eye-contact and personal appearance.

General course content:

• Voice coaching
Breathing techniques, posture, support and resonance to develop your voice quality

• Deliver with Presence & Personality
A strong confident voice, with clarity and control
Use of vocal dynamics and vocal variety to keep the audience interested
The importance of body language
Connect with your audience. Effective eye contact is an important feedback device that makes communication a two-way process.

• Preparing and structuring a presentation
Build your self-confidence by being well prepared!
Know your subject, know your audience, structure your information and use of visual aids and… practice!

This training will help you assess your speaking skills and learn effective techniques to become a better, more confident public speaker. Remember, the mastery of public speaking is all down to practice!


• Training Manual and vocal exercises in MP 3 format
• Video taping and real-time feedback

This training is offered on a one-to-one basis, groups of two or larger (up to 8).