These sessions are designed to provide you with the practical skills necessary to develop a dynamic and powerful voice and learn to speak with confidence.


A personal voice analysis to design a programme to suit your specific needs

General course content:

• Breathing techniques
Exercises to develop diaphragmatic breathing that will:
give your voice power and consistency
help you to reduce nerves
develop the necessary skills to achieve vocal quality, focus and presence.

• Body posture and alignment
Good body posture allows you to breathe properly, creates a sound foundation for resonance and voice support and gives you a confident, strong appearance.

• Voice quality: resonance, projection, audibility, articulation and clarity.

• Speech melody: flow and rhythm by using vocal variety (pitch, pace, pause, power).

You will discover the power and ease that come from a voice that flows freely and musically through all kind of practical exercises.
The key to this power is practice!


• Training manual and vocal exercises in MP3 format
• Sessions are audio recorded for reference, and revision