Mariska has broad experience helping companies and individuals improve their public speaking, team and client communication skills. “Communication is a creative process and there are endless possibilities in how to express yourself, through vocal cues, body language and chosen words. We should be aware of how influential our voice and body language can be.” During a VoiceMatters training, Mariska introduces unique communication techniques to her clients and gives feedback on their performance in a creative and constructive way.

Client testimonials:

“When you own your voice, you own the most influential tool to tune into your client and have a successful dialogue.” – ICT consultant

“The right voice, tone and posture are key in communicating your message. Mariska showed us in a creative way how a slight change to voice and posture could make an enormous difference.” – Lean Six Sigma, Black Belt consultant

“It was an eye-opener. Not only did working on breathing techniques and body awareness improve my communication skills, but it also enhanced my overall performance. I’m now much more aware of my own presence and have developed a confident and creative communication style.” – Financial director Ned Train

“Mariska invites to present your content as if you’re telling a story; she listens, looks and helps you craft your presentation. Her creative approach teaches you how to speak with creativity and expression.” – Business entrepreneur Food Valley

“As a Business Consultant I use my voice all the time. After intensive full-day workshops it sometimes feels that I was using my voice wrongly and need some time to recover before continuing on the next day. This is when I decided to take personal coaching from VoiceMatters. Mariska has an effective coaching style which is well-structured and at the same time very flexible to cover the individual needs, and by recording the sessions it is possible to practice in the car. Thank you for making me aware of and help me train how to use the voice to grasp the attention of the audience.” – Business Consultant Ab-Ovo

“Keeping my focus on breathing and my voice really helps me to reduce stress. I have developed a natural speaking pace and feel even more confident speaking impromptu and I am more connected to my audience”. –  Lecturer Wageningen University

“Voice Matters training sessions opened my eyes (and voice!) in many ways. I am much more aware of how to use my voice effectively and have learnt how vocal variety really helps bring my presentations to life”. Professor at the University of Wageningen

“Your coaching helped me gain confidence in my voice as well as my presence in both business and social settings”. Unit Manager ING

“As a teacher I had problems with voice projection. When I spoke louder, my voice became higher, which had a decreasing effect on my authority! The breathing and singing exercises helped me gain vocal consistency. The difference it made in my voice volume and projection was amazing. My confidence was instantly restored and I feel relaxed in front of 30 to 100 students”. – University Teacher

“Mariska is an instant motivator! She brings you to life with new passion and enthusiasm. Singing helped me step out of my comfort zone, and encouraged me to use my voice more dynamically and energetically!”- Entrepreneur